HOW TO Apply

All artist submissions must follow our guidelines below. Please note we do not answer phone calls about artist's submissions.

Submissions must be made electronically. Please ensure that the required details are contained within or attached to your email when submitting your application. Applications which do not conform to the submission guidelines will not be considered. In most cases we only consider artists which can demonstrate their skills through show/voice reels.

Submission guidelines:
– link to online show/voice reels, if you don't have a show reel we will need a 1-2mins self-taped TV/film audition piece
– link to online photo gallery
– link to Spotlight, IMDb or similar online CVs
– brief outline of your background and reason for seeking representation
– full name, age, nationality and contact number

Present your material as concise as possible, using available online sources, such as Vimeo for show reels and Flickr, Google Picasa for your photo galleries, submit via the form below.

Note we cannot answer phone calls nor emails regarding receipt of your submission. If you are selected for interview we will contact you via email.

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